About Us

Texas Instruments Centre for Embedded Product Design was established at the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology,New Delhi in January, 2013. The Centre is a culmination of past several years of collaboration between Centre for Electronics Design and Technology (CEDT) headed by Prof. Dhananjay V. Gadre and the Texas Instruments India University Programme towards creating pedagogy material related to electronics in general and embedded platforms in particular.

Mission Statement

The Objectives of TI-CEPD are to engage with students, teachers, and researchers in areas such as product design using embedded processors and analog ICs and to conduct short-term courses and train-the-trainer programmes on TI embedded processors and analog ICs amongst other things.


1. Create pedagogy material for electronics and embedded computer education

2. Conduct training programs for students, teachers and hobbyists to further TI technologies which span a wide spectrum of components from specialized analog components to embedded computers

3. To create innovative embedded products.