Ques 1. What is the procedure to confirm my seat in the Summer Internship Programme 2017?

Ans. You will need to register online for participating in the Summer Internship Programme. Before registering online, you will need to have a DD/Cheque for required programme fees. The DD must be made in favour of "Centre for Embedded Product Design, NSIT, New Delhi" and must be payable in New Delhi. Once you have this, please register online at this link. You will recieve an email acknowledgement with an attached PDF file containing your registration details. You will have to take a print out of the PDF file, sign it, and send it along with the ORIGINAL DD/Cheque to the address specified below. You also have to send a scanned copy of the DD as well as a passport size photograph as a reply to the email that you received.

You have to send the original DD/Cheque along with a signed copy of the registration form to the following address:

  • Dr. Tarun Rawat, Assistant Professor, ECE Division
  • Room 135, Block 4, Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
  • Sector-3, Dwarka. New Delhi 110078
  • Phone - 25099050 x2440

Once the DD/Cheque is received, and the payment is confirmed, you will get another email, confirming your registration.

Ques 2. Can I change my Programme Track at a later stage? / I had registered for a different Track and now I wish to change my track. Is it possible?

Ans. Depending upon availability, you will be able to change your track. You may write to us at ticepd@gmail.com for the same. Any difference in the programme fees will have to be paid / will be refunded depending on the track that you wish to change to.

Ques 3. Details regarding the Hostel Accomodation.

Ans. Accommodation for outstation students can be provided in the campus hostels (separate girls and boys hostels) at an additional charge of Rs. 350 per day (for the entire period of stay) to be paid directly to the hostel administration upon arrival. This charge includes room rent, bedding, pillow, blankets as well as three daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Ques 4. I didn't fill for the hostel accommodation while registering. Can I can apply for it now?

Ans. You can get hostel accommodation now. You just need to inform us via mail.

Ques 5. Due to some issues, I will only be able to join two or three days late. Is it possible? And how will I be able to cover up what was done in the meantime?

Ans. It may be possible for you to join a couple of days late. We will try to help you cover the topics that you missed out, on a best effort basis. If you are going to be late by a longer duration, it is recommended that you try and participate in the next edition of the programme, when it is announced. If you have any further queries in this regard, write to us at ticepd@gmail.com .

Ques 6. What will be the timings of the TI Winter Internship Programme ?

Ans. The timings of the internship will be 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, from 9:30 am to 6 pm.There will be a lunch break and two tea breaks during the day. TI-CEPD usually remains open beyond 6pm as well as on weekends for participants to work on their projects.

Ques 7. When is the last date to register?

Ans. Participants must register online before May 1st, 2017.

Ques 8. There is a large number of people interested in this Programme from our institution, can we get some discount on the fee?

Ans. The fees for students are already discounted. No further discounts will be made.

Ques 9. What do I have to fill in the details of the demand draft section in the registration form?

Ans. In the details of demand draft section, you need to provide the DD number, the date, and the bank from which the DD was issued.

Ques 10. Do I have to carry any document from college or any confirmation letter from you during arrival?

Ans. You need to carry your college ID card.

Ques 11. Would I be able to get a refund on fees if I am not able to attend the programme ?

Ans. The fees are not refundable, unless you are unable to participate due to exigent circumstances. Please write to us at ticepd@gmail.com for further queries.

Ques 12. Is there provision for Internet facilities.

Ans. The hostel fee doesn't include internet charge. However, you will have access to internet in the lab.

Ques 13. What are the prerequisites for attending the programme?

Ans. Students applying for the programme should have completed at least one year in the undergraduate programme. Knowledge of basic analog and digital electronics, C programming and familiarity with any microcontroller is recommended.

Ques 14. I already know Arduino, how can this program be different ?

Ans. Arduino is a good platform to begin with microcontrollers. This programme focuses on in-depth knowledge and understanding of the challenges of embedded system design. You can expect a more comprehensive learning experience.

Ques 15. Which track would be suitable for me ?

Ans. If you are a beginner in electronics and are familiar with basic C programming, or if your experience in microcontrollers is limited to Arduino, it is recommended that you opt for the MSP430 track. Whereas if you already have considerable experience working with multiple microcontroller platforms, apart from Arduino, TIVA C track would be the best choice.If your interests are aligned towards networking and programming, then the single board computer- Beaglebone Black is the suitable track option for you.

Ques 16. What is the course structure for the TI Summer Internship Programme?

Ans. The course will have an adequate balance of classroom sessions, experiments, demonstrations and hands-on activities, covering general topics related to embedded system design as well as track specific topics. Visit this link for a glimpse of the internship programme held in June 2016.